1,2,4-Mellitic anhydride

Chemical Name:

Trimellitic Anhydride (TMA)

CAS number:


EINECS number:


Molecular formula:

Molecular weight:


Molecular Structure:

The main purpose

Trimellitic anhydride is 1,2,4-mellitic anhydride, which is mainly used in unsaturated polyester resin, polyimide resin, water-soluble polyester resin, water-soluble polyurethane resin, water-soluble amino alkyd resin, trimellitic acid three Octyl grease (TOTM), epoxy resin curing agent and other products, can also be used as advanced aviation lubricants, power capacitor impregnation oil, pellet binder, sizing agent, smoke suppressant, instant binder, etc.

Technical indicators(GB/T23967-2017)

project Indicator
Premium Qualified product
Exterior White or slightly colored flake solid
Trimellitic anhydride, w/% ≥96.5 ≥95.0
Phthalic anhydride, w/% ≤0.05 ≤0.10
Acid value (in KOH)/(mg/g) ≥873 ≥865

Melt Color/Hazen Units

(Platinum-Cobalt shade)

≤130 ≤150