Talent Strategy

Employment Philosophy

  The company adheres to the people-oriented concept, advocates that talents are the key wealth of the company's development, advocates the scientific concept of "small to big, self-reliant", and advocates that the company's growth and development come from the labor creation and joint efforts of all the company's personnel.

Basic strategy

  Recruitment and Appointment:

  Adhere to fairness and impartiality, select the best admissions, eclectic, meritocracy, the company looks forward to aspiring people to join, and hopes that the company can become a choice opportunity for your career development.

  Employee Development:

  Appropriate salaries and long-term development ambitions provide a platform for career growth to exercise. We adhere to the unified principle of "responsibility and rights", implement distribution according to work, promote the growth of company interests and collective honor, care for and care for the safety and health of employees, and respect each employee's emphasis on individual labor contributions and deserved benefits.


  The company insists that the average salary and treatment of employees is adapted to the company's business development level, and implements a corresponding classification salary system according to the job attributes of employees; adheres to the principle of combining incentives and punishments, focusing on incentives, rewarding meritorious behaviors, and punishing violations.